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Bonjour à tous C'est Geovanny Poveda

I'm a computer science researcher, innovator, entrepreneur and music lover.
This is my primary website where I continuously post information related to my professional career, personal projects, entrepreneur activities , as well as, personal life style.


I Create, I innovate, I'm passionate, I'mmm Geovanny Poveda

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A space dedicated for all my entrepreneurial activities at Velta Inc consulting company.
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A space for sharing personal life trends, as well as, personal insights opinions.
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Me, my mission, vision and
values statements

"Learn from yesterday, live for today,
hope for tomorrow, the important
thing is not stop questioning"
Innovation, vision, passion, creativity and research expertise are some of my skills used for proposing, designing, supporting and advising solutions where the academia connects to the industry for briging potential research-based solutions for the retail and corporate market.


Promote myself as an instrument of positive change in my family, friends,
job and community.


Become an impactful leader, motivated for the satisfaction of helping others achieve their goals from my personal growth and my accomplishments.


Looking for people and experiences where personal insights and values be a priority.

An Integral people-centered approach

Discover what I think and how I use a complemented people-centered approach for developing most of the activities around my life.
My portfolio

Oui, C'est ma section des projets

In this section you can find all projects related to my research, entrepreneurial, as well as, personal activity. Please feel free to check them.

Me, in brief

Education, expertise and skills

I have been working in the research and development (R&D) domain for more than ten years, developing strong competences and skills for defining methodologies, frameworks and creating ICT-based tools and solutions for supporting the activities and process of companies and research institutions in different multidisciplinary domestic and international ICT projects.
Languages: English: C1 Level (Advanced level) ; Français: Niveau B2 ( niveau intermédiaire, avancé); Deutsch: A2 Stufe Anfänger; Español: Idioma Nativo

My expertise

Computer Science Researcher
Working at reputable research institutions such as UPM (Spain) and Hes-So (Switzerland).
IT Consultant
Advising, designing and implementing innovated products and services at reputable companies. Creating and heading an ICT Consulting projects.
Entrepreneur - Innovator
Participating in different reputable international ICT events with high potential R&D projects.

Projects (Selected)

THOFU (Spain)
R&D project researching on how technological concepts can give an open offer of advanced, different and exclusive services around the hotel.
Smart Open Data (European)
A Linked Open Data infrastructure - software tools and data - about environment protection in rural and protected areas in European national parks.
An ICT-based tool that could be used in the research fields of management and economics to contribute o the energy transition in Switzerland.

Conferences, events, papers (selected)

Swiss ICT entrepreneur program
ICT entrepreneur training program for the Paygo® project.
Mates conference, edition 2016
A multi-agent negotiation framework for the swiss transaction energy. Paper and demo.
Team Academy startup 2017
A participative startup workshop talking about blockchain and Machine learning technology.
EPFL - SAEE-SCCER conference
Co-presenter of the Agent Based Computational Economics in Energy paper.
IIIS Reviewer
Reviewer at IIIS from 2016

Software registered

A multi-agent system framework for simulating and validating indoor emegency situations.
A plug-in for the Mason multi-agent framework for enabling server capabilities for social simulation.
An Ontology that describes aspects related to indoor emergency situations.
A credit scoring analysis algorithm based on digital consumer behavior (social network profile) and mobile consumers insights.

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Recognized by International agencies

My projects have been recognized by international agencies and they have been presented in reputable events. My projects have been highlighted at:

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